The Lent theme for Churches Together in Wirksworth and District is “Tenants of the King”, produced by Operation Noah, a Christian charity working with the Church to inspire action on the climate crisis. There are three opportunities to join each week, on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Here is a video from Ruth Valerio, introducing the theme.

The materials focus on our response to climate change, particularly leading up to the global COP26 discussions in Glasgow later this year. We are working together with other local churches, and the aim of Tenants of the King is “to reflect on the challenges of a changing climate, and how Christians can respond with hope to one of today’s greatest challenges”. One of the thoughts that struck me from the introductory meetings was that, “life is a gift, so living is thanksgiving”.

Operation Noah has a very helpful strap-line, that expresses the way they work: “Faith-motivated. Science-informed. Hope-inspired”.

Get in touch with us for more details.