A group of church members enjoyed a very informative visit to Aquabox on Tuesday 4th  October.  Started 30 years ago by the Rotary Club in Wirksworth they send out water filtrating pumps and emergency aid all over the world.  The pumps are amazing – by just a simple pumping action dirty water comes out clean and safe to drink / use for hygiene, cooking etc.  One pump usually services up to 6 people.  Initially the pumps were envisaged to be used short term in emergency or disaster zones, but as they are such good quality they continue to be used.  Some pumps have been in use for nearly 30 years and are still working!  Recent shipments have included Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan and Puerto Rico.  A dedicated team of volunteers keep up the amazing work – although they would welcome more volunteers.  It makes you proud to see the name Wirksworth on the boxes that are distributed to people in need around the world.