Praying For Burkina Faso 
As a church over this last year we have been praying for Burkina Faso. A poor country in West Africa suffering with the impact of climate change. Before joining the Eco Group I had started to pray as an individual. I hadn’t thought about what it may mean to pray together as a group. I have to admit to feeling despondent about changing climate. Recently I have been wondering what God was up to during  what has felt like a period of spiritual disconnection for me.
The church Eco group has encouraged me to look at the Christian Aid website. Here I could see the spirit of the people of Burkina Faso coming together and making changes: women selling fresh food preserved by solar powered fridges and lobbying for cleaner fuels. It has also led me to search the internet and find fruits of collaboration in the recent 100 million Euro Development partnership helping farmer’s resilience to climate change.  So praying with our Church this year has encouraged me to open my eyes to this light and hope. I shall keep on praying.  Tim Devine.