April 22 was Earth Day, which has now been marked across the world for 50 years. Mike Shrubsole from the URC’s Green Apostles Network shared this prayer, which appeared on the Kairos Canada website.

On Earth Day
we give thanks for signs of spring
melting snow or blooming flowers,
singing robins or flowing streams.
O Creator, we give You thanks and praise.

This Earth Day
as we mostly see those signs through our windows or walking alone,
we notice that the earth has some rest from human activity,
Even while we worry and struggle, with people around the world.
O Creator, we learn in the midst of our concerns.

Each Earth Day,
We grieve the state of life and loss on the Earth, deteriorating faster than ever before.
We confess our selfish actions, taking – using – what we want, not only what we need.
Not all of our actions have brought You the honour we wish to bring
O Creator, we confess our sins with humble hearts.

The Earth cradles us in her sorrow
You, our Source, grieve with her, Your love for us abiding always.
In the midst of all our faults and blunders,
You forgive and love us still.
O Creator, we rest in the assurance of that love.

This year we have seen how swiftly humans can adapt
Give us the eyes to see wisdom in this moment.
Give us the courage to change our ways forever
to live responsibly, to advocate boldly,
to honour and protect what You have created.
O Creator, with your help, we will change our ways,
Through the power of the Spirit,
with Jesus as our guide.

With so many signs of spring this year, and with an awareness of how we can adapt, let us use the lessons we are learning for the good of us all, and for our planet.