Tim and Mollie used the Roots on the Web material for Palm Sunday to get creative in the garden. Tim writes:

“While contemplating the Palm Sunday reading I asked Mollie why she thought Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. She quickly said because he came to bring peace. As we read further the Prince of Peace seemed to lose his head; throwing tables over in what seemed somewhat of a meltdown (I’ve been having a few of those at home during the lockdown).

“One of the Sunday Explorers children’s activities for Palm Sunday was to paint the scene in abstract colours or images. I wondered if the energy of the wild crowd had whipped Jesus into a frenzy?

“I mulled the two images together -a picture of serenity and one of impassioned rage. Green peace (grass) and fiery golden brown (autumnal leaves) came to mind. I sometimes think of Jesus as representing a maturity or a wholeness- his message can’t be understood purely in the black or white or in ‘either … or’ way of thinking. I thought about how he tended to point towards the bigger picture, the ‘both … and’.

Palm Sunday in leaves

Green grass and brown autumn leaves

“From the little I know about the Daoist Yin and Yang symbol it also points towards holding opposite ideas together. In this instance the Yin and Yang of Palm Sunday could be pointing at Big Peace – Jesus majestically holding a vision for peaceful relations alongside the fact that deep peace requires a fight against injustice. Through a little study about the Non Violent Jesus I have learnt that a pull towards justice required us to empathise if we are to remain compassionate so I named the ‘paradoxical’ Yin and Yang energies as defiance and compassion.”

Lots to think about.