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Reflection April 18th

Reflection April 18th

Sunday Service 11th April

Service April 11th 2021

Induction of Camilla as Synod Clerk of the East Midlands Synod

The 98th Meeting of the East Midlands Synod, for the second time, was conducted online – this time hosted from the Synod Office in Nottingham. Synod Moderator, the Revd Geoffrey Clarke, prayed that inspiration, encouragement and challenge would be enabled by our coming together on Zoom. Worship incorporated the Induction of Revd Camilla Veith as Synod Clerk.

Easter Sunday Communion Service

Service – 4th April 2021 (Easter)

Good Friday

“Together at the Cross”. An opplortunity to reflect on the events of Good Friday as Churches Together. This Covid-secure service will be held at St Mary’s Church at 10am and will be led by Wellspring Church.

Maundy Thursday 1st April 7pm

Camilla will lead a reflective service online viz Zoom which will include communion. The service is based on material from Iona publishing and is entitled: “Seven Actions: A service of prayer and Holy Communion for Maundy Thursday”. An invitation has been given to the other churches in the North Derbyshire Area to join us for this service. Everyone is welcome to join. Our normal Zoom link will be used. Please contact us if you haven’t already got the contact.

Cross outside Church

Camilla and Tom will put up the cross outside church on Easter Saturday and decorate with daffodils. You you are able and it is safe foryou to do so, please feel free to come down sometime over the weekend to add your own daffodils to the cross (make sure to sanitise your hands before doing so).

Lockdown anniversary snowflakes

We have had snow, or at least hail, recently. And several years ago we did have snow at the end of March. Today we made paper snowflakes by cutting holes from folded paper, imagining the holes to be things we had lost and missed out on during the past 12 months.

Many of these things were sad – friends not seen, events not celebrated, family not hugged, and people we have lost. Other things were ones that we have let go of and don’t feel the need to pick up again – busyness or constant travelling, for example.

Here are the instructions to follow yourself, as an act of prayer:

Fold a square of paper in half, and half again, forming a smaller square. Fold that into a triangle, and cut small holes out of the edges. When you unfold it you should have something that resembles a snowflake, however vaguely. Remember that all snowflakes are unique!

As you look at the holes reflect on what you have lost or missed out on this past year.

There will be some holes that you wish you can fill in again – like seeing loved ones or giving them a hug, or maybe travelling.

There may be some holes that can’t be filled in – either because of death or because the opportunity has gone.

There may be some holes you don’t want to fill in again! Things you used to do but now realise you have been released from. Things you don’t miss and don’t really want to go back to again, even when you can.

Spend some time asking God for his healing and consolation for the things that you grieve from the past year and also give thanks for the things that have been a blessing to you. Remember, too, all people who have died from Covid this past year, in this country and around the world.

Palm Sunday 28th March

Service March 28th 2021

Snowy landscape

Spring is definitely on its way, and the snow is becoming a distant memory. Linda has shared her most recent painting: snowy landscape overlooking Bonsall Village, with winter foliage.

Snowy Landscape - a painting by Linda Orchard

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