1st March – 13th April.  This year the Lent meetings were on the subject of Art and  Faith.  The meetings consisted of an interview with each of five local artists about their work and how faith, in its wider sense,  plays a part.  The artists were mostly connected to the newly opened Haarlem Art Space at the southern end of the town in the old mill.             www.haarlemartspace.co.uk

Through considered questions, we examined such areas as the source of the inspiration of each artist, how they maintain faith in themselves, how faith is portrayed in the work and whether it is influenced by any Christian narratives or metaphors. Each artist made themselves quite vulnerable as they shared the passion behind their creativity, giving us a fascinating insight into their lives and what has shaped them and their work.

The Official Opening of Haarlem Creative Art Space is on Saturday 29th July and this will be an Open Day for everyone to call in and enjoy the art work.  Drinks and light refreshments from 11am to late. You are invited to “spread the word”.