I was very struck by the prayer of approach from this Sunday’s online service from the United Reformed Church. It was written and read  by Nicola Furley Smith.

Risen Lord, you came to the disciples in that Upper Room, in spite of those locked doors of doubt. You brought them peace and wholeness in the darkest of times with the light of your resurrection putting their frightened minds at rest and making them ready for the task you had for them. We pray that you may make us ready in our worship and in our lives, to allow you to walk through the closed doors and walls of stone that we so often have and the barriers that we create.

Take away our fears.

Open our hearts that your Holy Spirit may come again to rest within us, that we, your people, may be ready to hear your words and respond to your call to bring the light of your resurrection in the darkest places of our world. Amen.

It is my prayer for us all that we allow Jesus to meet us, through our doors, walls and barriers.