At Sunday Explorers we thought about the 12 days of Christmas. The gifts in the traditional song are quite unusual and I’m not sure that many of us would appreciate receiving them all.

Most of us receive a lot of gifts at Christmas, and we thought instead about some of the things we could give to other people during the 12 days of Christmas, from Friday 25 December 2020 to Tuesday 5 January 2021. Here is our list:

  1. Buy presents
  2. Give a Christmas card
  3. Do someone a favour
  4. Do a chore around the house
  5. Fold the washing
  6. Give someone a phone call
  7. Send someone an email
  8. Write a letter
  9. Send a picture
  10. Put some food in the food bank
  11. Make food for someone who can’t get to the shop
  12. Donate money to charity