Our next services:

7th January
at 10am – Revd Camilla Veitch (Christingle Service to be held in The Glenorchy Centre – next to the church).

14th January
at 10am – Mr Sean Worsley

21st January
at  10am – Revd Kevin Price (Wellspring Church) – Pulpit Exchange for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and in the evening at 6pm there will be a United Service for all churches in the town to be held at Wellspring Church.  (Please see below for full details of the meetings for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.)

28th January
at 10am – Mr Bernard Ault.

Other services and events this month:

9th January at 11am – We are invited by the residents to share in their Communion Service at Waltham House.

We are invited to join the “Be Still” gathering at Studio 1,Coach Hose Studios, Crown Yard, Market Place, Wirksworth on Tuesday 23rd January  at 8.30pm.  For further information contact Michele 01629 824700.

Churches Together in Wirksworth and District – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18-25 January 2018.  Pray Together: THAT ALL MAY BE FREE.  Daily Prayers at the following venues and times:

Thursday 18th  9.30am and 7pm URC    /   Friday 19th  9.30am  Town Hall   / Sat 20th 9.30am St Theresa’s  /

Sun 21st  Morning Worship in all Churches (pulpit exchange)  6pm United Service at Wellspring  /

Mon. 22nd  9.30am and 7pm  Wellspring  /  Tues 23rd  10 at Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Station  /

Wed 24th  9.30am St Mary’s and 7pm at The Red Lion   /   Thurs. 25th  9.30am URC.

Sunday Explorers

Children are invited to “explore” God’s Word together and activities are held in the side room during the Sunday morning service.

Communion Services

Communion is shared on the first Sunday of every month. Everyone who wishes to respond to God’s grace in Jesus Christ is welcome to share, including children if their parents or carers are happy for them to do so.

Special Services

We hold special services at Harvest, Easter, Christingle, FairTrade Fortnight, Christian Aid Week and for Leprosy Mission. Along with the other churches in Wirksworth we hold services for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and other occasions.